Visualies Gaff System


The new gaff deck from Mechanic Industries is packed full of awesome gaff cards that can be used for crazy effects.

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The new Visualies Gaff System is a deck packed with gaff cards.

Building on the popular Optricks deck this one takes gaff cards to a new level.

There are 17 core concepts built into this deck which are not just standalone tricks but can be built into a full routine.

This deck is base around two cards with the main focus being on the Queen of Hearts but also using the Four of Clubs. There are also enough face cards of different values that you can perform a spread to show the deck is ‘fair’.

While this is great as an extension of the Optricks Red deck it can still be used without any other decks.

You will receive access to teaching of all of the effects which have been made so they are all achievable with a bit of practice.


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