Sub Rosa by Jason England


This card control has been a closely guarded secret for over a century. Now taught in depth by Jason England so you can control a single or multiple cards in a shuffled deck.

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A move, technique, that has been closely guarded for over a century. Only mentioned in print a handful of times this is now taught by Jason England so can you can master it.

Control a card or group of cards flawlessly in a shuffled deck. The spectator can examine the deck or even shuffle it themselves while you maintain full and total control.

Relatively easy to learn you can pick it up in minutes and be performing it in a matter of hours. Complete mastery will take longer but you control the level of difficulty.

Sub Rosa requires a special deck and two are included, a beginner version that is easy to work with and an advanced version that is nearly undetectable.

Learn how to use them along with tips, bonus ideas and applications in the 40 minute step by step guide.



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