Omnibus by Daryl


Omnibus by Daryl contains all the material of the orignal book from 1987 plus a new bonus chapter.

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Omnibus by Daryl contains all of the original material of the 1987 book plus a new bonus chapter on Daryl’s Ultimate Ambition.

The focus of the book is one of the most popular card effects, the Ambitious Card.

This is a nice hardbook book that covers every nuance in great detail. The material includes:

The Double Turnover. The Double Lift. Double lift Build-up. The Top Change. The Bluff Pass. Color Change. The Pop-Up Card. Center Double Lift. The Hofzinser Spread Pass. Signed with Suspicion. The Tip Over Change. Tabled Ambition. Ambitious Move. The Kagemusha Principal. Paintbrush Change. The Impromptu Duplicate. The Tip-Over Change. The Ambitious Miracle-Change. The Outjog Change. The Screened Leipzig Pass. The Ultra Move. The Ambitious Double Deal. The Umbiguitious Card. Under Foot. Four Finales. The Ambitious Twins. Ambitious Gimmickry. Plus, Much More

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